value: [ <'list-style-type'> || <'list-style-position'> || <'list-style-image'> ] | inherit
initial value: see individual properties
inherited: yes
percentages: N/A
applicable to: all elements with "display: list-item", generally applied to <ul> and <ol> tags

 The list-style property determines what bullet point or style of numbering or lettering on ordered list tags <ol> and unordered list tags <ul>.

The property list-style is a shorthand property for the three properties of:

  • list-style-type
  • list-style-image
  • list-style-position

One or a combination of the three properties can be used for list-style.


ul.checklist {list-style: square; list-style-position: inside;}

  • apples
  • milk
  • flour

See CSS Properties: list-style-type