value: normal | small-caps | inherit
initial value: normal
inherited: yes
percentages: N/A
applicable to: all elements

 The font-variant property is used if you wish to display text in all small caps. This is an inherited propery, which means if the style is applied to the parent, the child elements will also have this style. To have small-caps is to have all the lower case letters in capital letters, but they are smaller in size than the standard capital letters for that font. The upper case letters in the text will appear at the regular size.


h2.smallcap {font-variant: small-caps}

This is a standard <h2> heading
This is <h2 class="smallcap">


div.smallcaps {font-variant: small-caps}

This is the <h3> within the <div class="smallcaps">

This is the <p> within the <div class="smallcaps">

The above example demonstrates how the child elements inherit the font-variant property if the parent element.